Public comment is how slow O2O closed loop


is a mobile application with 80 million active users, 3000 employees, ten years of history the scale of the Internet Co, the public comment until recently began to slowly realize closed-loop O2O — let consumers in the public comment from the consumer decision-making to the whole process of consumption. In addition to the introduction of a new closed-loop products, they also establish a closed loop with third parties to provide users with a complete local consumer service.

in the past for a long time, the public comments are not closed loop O2O. For example, if the user wants to select a restaurant, evaluation is usually the first access to businesses and other users in the public comment, but when ordering is forced to turn to ordering a secretary or Fantong other ordering service platform.

in other words, the public comment in the past only acts as an information platform. They are not directly involved in the ordering and payment of call center service process, because not familiar with these areas of concern. Some people think that should also establish their own ordering platform, but they were determined not to get involved in. On the line yesterday at the TechCrunch International Innovation Summit, Long Wei, co-founder of public comment, said: I felt the call center model is not what we are good at. "

so the public comment is a slow company worthy of the name, they have only recently established a set of their own restaurant reservation system, but their users in more than 85% are using the online reservation function, instead of the traditional telephone reservations.

precisely because of the lack of control of the closed-loop business as a whole, so that the public comment repeatedly stressed their openness, they hope to form a closed loop through cooperation. For example, Long Wei believes that public comment is still not suitable for payment, so they pay with Alipay, WeChat and China UnionPay cooperation users pay for this link.

cooperation closed loop, the biggest problem is not a partner will be part of the profits, but the public comment can not completely control the entire industry chain. Like many companies, public comment fear also originates from the three giant BAT will leave no room to exclusive value chain.

although this can have problems, but the public comments still prefer cooperation rather than competition, even if the other party is "all consuming" WeChat, even though many people think that Tencent in the future may become one of their threats. Long Wei believes that WeChat is still a tool for information exchange, product structure itself is not an information library tool, it is impossible to replace the public comment. Therefore, he believes that cooperation with WeChat is greater than competition.

as a foreign claims to be acquired, no IPO plan of traditional Internet Co, public comment on the wave of mobile Internet revolution is quite successful, and now they have 70% of the transactions from the mobile client. Public comment also began to some products >

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