Read more than 618 Gome Sike Jingdong is checking resources

business circle seems to have formed an unwritten agreement: 618 years of senior high school entrance examination at the end of 11, the double test, two year exams, Bibi grades, sun fan. Jingdong has announced 618 strategies, Tmall, the United States and other electricity providers, this year’s 618, wartime extension, cross-border, micro business debut, the war has begun to highlight the characteristics of the whole line.

the United States online will be fought "618 opener" on May 28th, and will begin in June 17th the old Mu special Jingdong and Lao special for the ultimate PK.

a live market for existing resources

Gome online chairman Mou Guixian said, the United States is based on the long-term strategy of 618, the beginning of the 1+5 strategy, the line is expected to continue to optimize the line.

Gome’s 1+5 strategy is specific – the user experience as the core + logistics supply chain, Gome micro business, Gome, channel sink, Internet banking. Mou Guixian said that the user experience can directly bring conversion, supply chain optimization is the foundation. In the past six months, up to the service, cheap and easy to find goods and perfect after-sales service, is the main direction of the United States to enhance the supply chain.

"this is the United States 618 primer." Mou Guixian said.

therefore, the United States 618 year strategy with ‘1+5’ for each line. Among them, the United States home since its launch in April, currently has more than 2 thousand intention of users, the United States will launch a Gome Home reservation gift certificate in the 618, into 618 categories.

The United States

Internet Financial layout has been basically completed, focusing on the "financial" plate, launched a regular, advanced and annual rate of up to 15% of the explosion, the explosion. The maximum daily launched 2 million yuan. Mou Guixian said: the United States and the country’s financial product risk is minimal, because the docking fund is also the United states."

micro shop, billion state power network has learned, the United States currently has 26 thousand micro micro shop owner, has been piloted in some areas, the end of June will be the basic shape. 618 GOME stores will be fully integrated into the country, micro business will play a considerable role." Mou Guixian said.

and the corresponding channel sink, regional wars, urban wars will be fired. In addition, a number of activities in the United States 618 wireless, wireless is expected to account for more than 40%. The United States APP started late in the second half of 2013 was launched last year in 618, wireless accounted for only 10 percent, in April this year the anniversary, wireless accounted for nearly 40%.

in addition, Gome in the liquor business aspects of the layout will be incorporated into the 618, through the GOME cellar overseas direct mining, launched a limited panic buying.

once again with the price war Sike Jingdong

618 was originally the home Jingdong home court, Xian Sike Jingdong is reasonable. The United States will be described as "close combat", cash coupons, price, 000 suite, old group, X special 5>

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