Classified information website e commerce low end is the head

, 58, with the reputation of the network, easy to grow on Kijiji website, classified information website gradually into people’s lives. In the complex life information, classified information website differentiation, low-end, to provide users with a convenient information platform, you can quickly know the life information. Compared to the forum and industry portal, classified information website is more populist charm.

e-commerce is to provide a convenient business platform, but the classification information is provided by the information platform, most of the information is not for business, but a simple life. Even the low threshold is a lot of valuable information dissemination and expansion, and sometimes affect the social and cultural construction. On the other hand, there are a lot of online information on the classification of information on the web, offline transactions, resulting in business activities. Therefore, I personally think that the classification of information is low-end e-commerce.

the value of the Internet is to provide a convenient platform for human beings and a good channel for information transmission, as a classification of information sites even if the transmission of information and provide a good platform for the role. As a commercial web site, it is necessary to profit, it is necessary to survive. As a classified information site is free to publish information, free business. Then its profit model in addition to advertising will have the best way. Charges? To carry out the exhibition? It seems impossible.

low-end e-commerce is bound to provide low-end information, I believe that the classified information website can try to go high-end, charging mode. In this way, we can avoid the spread of junk information, provide a good life information website, give users more value. For example: the market in a shop, and a stall in the vegetable market, the same price, which would you choose? The answer is obvious, is shopping, better services and products to protect the value of. This is about the B2C and C2C mode, the mall belongs to the former, I belong to the latter. The mall made B2C2C model, regular management and unified customer service service, like home appliance stores like the rental counter, can.

so-called high-end, not to provide services to the high-end crowd, but the service object unchanged, quality of service and mode change. Go to the public service, high quality, good reputation of the site. Perhaps classified information website will have greater development. Get rid of the embarrassment of classification information website in the commercialization, to achieve profitability, better serve the community.

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