15 business lessons from the founding of the company in the past 15 years early struggle rapid fail

lead: I would like to share what I learned along the way the 15 important commercial value, for business owners, entrepreneurs and CEOs, something of value.


I was involved in the creation of the company HB Agency is celebrating the 15 anniversary of the establishment of the enterprise. As a business owner and organizational leader, over the years, I have to make key business decisions and personal choice. But some of them work, some don’t work.

so, in an atmosphere of joy, I am willing to share my life on the road ahead (sometimes in a tough road) have learned 15 important commercial value, for business owners, entrepreneurs and CEOs, something of value.

1 select excellent partner.

so many partners in the final shot two scattered. But I have to share ownership of the HB good luck with Nicholas Bo Lott, he is the smartest person I know, and I believe that my destiny is in his hand. At the beginning of our partnership, we have identified a clear organizational role for each other. Although these changes have taken place over time, we clearly identify and take responsibility for it, and that has not changed.

2 if you have to cut spending, cut it to a minimum and cut it quickly.

in 2001, after arduous and tortuous and we almost lost everything to get this bitter lesson. This idea sounds cruel, but the idea is to make the enterprise more powerful. A strong business means future opportunities and stability. Business is an investment, you must treat it with the same long-term perspective.

3 if you want to fight, then fight early.

many times I have seen that some enterprises in order to win the opportunity to cover up the problem, avoid reality. Also, when all the problems in the middle of the project surfaced, everyone pretended to be blind. So, to solve the difficult problem at the start, even if it means you did not win business opportunities. And solve problems when they arise. Customers and employees like honest communication.

4 investment sales training.

choose a method and study hard and practice. Work well and invest. This will give you ten times the return.

5 to get used to quick failure and often fail.

don’t be afraid to fail. Many small failures will make you stronger. Every failure is a valuable lesson. Accept failure.

6 small problems may become a big challenge.

when you know something is wrong, fix it right away. If yes

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