Please solve these 4 puzzles before product innovation

dilemma 1: research conclusions have been obtained in the past

an industry veteran put forward three criteria for judging business opportunities:

Internet industry degree

market capacity and funding status

choose the lowest Internet, and the market capacity of the industry cut


verification in the stage of thinking, the author made a market research conclusion is mainly the current industry in the line, including the giant deep industry for many years, were not involved in the mobile terminal, the Internet is low. The volume of the target population is also at the level of one hundred million, can be said to be blue ocean, there is not yet a large amount of mature products occupy the market. Doing this research is 7 months ago, and last month to track a competing product has been based on the mature products cut into the market, began to do almost the same thing. Their new version of the APP and even the product form and can imagine the functions are similar, and we are still in the MVP stage.

so, to the letter as a book, not a market research report is accurate, you cannot estimate the progress, rapid changes in the market and the team of the world of martial arts, but not fast breaking


dilemma 2: the game between user needs and product form

in order to verify the idea, I found 10 meet the characteristics of the target user, holding the idea of a team of products to chat.

three questions:

the difficulties you have when you do something.

did you try to fix it, why not make it.

if you give a solution like this, will you use it?.

such a direct and effective feedback to pass out the message is that the author is doing a meet the needs of the matter, but at this stage the team can not achieve all the needs.

needs to be evaluated at this time:

one is to re plan the route, do the team most sure thing;

is the first to do to meet the needs of the minimization of the feasibility of the product, that is, MVP, curve saving.


can not meet the needs of users, or the team can not provide solutions, or to insight into the profit opportunities, timely stop. Giving up is not necessarily a sad thing.

Get the right person on the team first. "this is a seed in the user gives the team development suggestions, from the user’s sense of participation, has also become a whip ruler, constantly told the author we must get full map matching ability.

in fact, the game between the user needs and the team can not stop, the solution is not good enough, the user’s perception of the value of the product and the transfer of inconsistent and so on, need not

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