30 strokes of the nternet marketing M promotion


is a site designed to be as beautiful as a flower, but the promotion does not go out, no one to visit, there is no value. So starting today I give everybody to share the actual website promotion, website promotion will be how to go out, we need to insist for a long time, not a day of fishing, three days, I hope my friends can have your website launched to increase website traffic.

today we share is IM promotion, just IM, is our internet almost everyone some like QQ, Taobao, MSN, Fetion etc. want now, so QQ in the current market, the occupancy rate is the largest, so today we are mainly is about the promotion of QQ, the other IM friends you can get a promotion experience from QQ, and implemented in different IM tools.

QQ the current registration number exceeded billion, QQ promotion is still relatively easy to operate, the cost is almost zero, then QQ is mainly suitable for a particular population or for a fixed population. QQ traffic is not too high, QQ promotion is mainly targeted for the very strong group, for example: you sell billiard supplies, so you can find a series of billiards lovers QQ group, promotion or network investigation.

so how to set up QQ and get a better ranking. Home page you want to improve their own QQ information all the perfect, and fill in the real information, so that others can see that there is a sense of credibility, choose a suitable for their own QQ pictures, remember not to use vulgar photos. We will improve the information next to the promotion, first we want to promote us to let others know you can QQ rankings let other people remember you, you do not timely release of information in the group, others open QQ group will be able to see your information, for a long time naturally remember, as the saying goes, a good acquaintance after work, you do not directly enter the QQ group promotion of your product or service, is in there with friends and chat, with the main contact group, with their mix of familiar, behind the promotion will be more and more successful, but also let you know more friends.

get a good QQ rankings can use the following approach:

1, in front of the screen plus a space or add an English alphabet, because QQ ranking rules are A, B, C, D to sort the

2, the opening of the members, the conditions can be opened members, members will be opened in QQ friends, QQ group in the top priority, membership fee is 10 yuan / month.

3, it must, it can be at the top, even higher than the members of the QQ ranking in the group than the administrator also ranked high, it only has a shortcoming is someone to send you information automatically when the chat window pops up. Specific operation method is: the QQ online status is set to Q me, the current QQ has seven online state, respectively, I am online, Q me, leave, busy >

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