Taobao partner week officially launched billboard

"Taobao partner" – fast Amoy – after the launch, by the Taobao customers enthusiastic response. The first week of February 2009, Ali mother in Taobao off the official home quietly added "Taobao partner week billboard".

the morning of February 16, 2009, Ali mother issued a notice in the official forum, announced the "Taobao partner week officially launched billboard". According to official said: here will show "Taobao partners" in the top ten of the income of the site, you can link to the web page, updated weekly. Officials hope to provide this as a Taobao partner Taobao customers have more opportunities to display more traffic.

official move, for the majority of Taobao customers, is a good news. Because they can from this list, find the master of the site, analysis of the promotion of learning methods


but for some of the list of Taobao customers, they may not be able to buy the official show them the opportunity and the flow of accounts. At present, a lot of doing a good job, the high income of Taobao customers, have taken a low-key attitude, not willing to expose their site, unwilling to share their experience in the promotion. Because Taobao customers to promote the reproduction of the model is too strong, personal creativity, once exposed, as long as we are recognized, it will immediately be cottage, spread through every corner of the Internet!

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