WeChat can open the Taobao page and they are together again

The relationship between

Taobao and WeChat, like a couple of small, noisy, but let others speak broken heart, their emotional entanglements can be written into the book Qiongyao grandmother, or Grandpa Yu Zheng is also ok.

After the breakdown of the

relationship, there are signs of a compound


left Taobao and WeChat, Taobao to WeChat’s has been very cold, the first is not like WeChat buddy, do not allow any Tmall Taobao WeChat two-dimensional code information store, WeChat buddy is embittered, suddenly the shit buckle down is some helpless. Later, with the continued deterioration of the relationship between people, Taobao pipeline yibingding against simply blocking any access by WeChat Taobao Tmall, at that moment, people think they are gone, behind the pictures of the goods to the screen, do not love, you don’t have to do even friends.

and after half a year of precipitation, and the composite signs of cheap hand in WeChat yesterday (5.3) was able to open the Taobao links, and also can display pictures of goods, my God, when it is bright titanium blind my eyes, then use the mobile phone for testing.

test link: Taobao home page links, Taobao guest single product link;

test version: WeChat 5.3

test for mobile phone: iPhone, Android, Samsung (Psycholagny)

test screenshot:










The results of

test are as follows:

1, click into the Taobao home page, showing pictures of the goods can be purchased, the picture does not show the goods can not be operated;

2, Taobao through the guest link in the merchandise page, goods can display properly, click "buy" did not show the pictures and unable to continue operation, click on the "Taobao love" interface of other goods will display properly, click on the jump to the Tmall mall, and can join the shopping cart to complete the payment.

3, obscenity of my own mobile phone, not a fight!!! Regardless of technical factors, it is difficult to make people not to think of personality problems.

if the technical personnel is not Taobao exhaust, this is understandable as Taobao and WeChat to start before the compound, let us live in the world of mortals company Xiaoxiao, horse galloping shared world prosperity! It might be a happy scene, Taobao business can continue to merchandise presentation in WeChat, WeChat third the company can re.

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