Network transmission Tencent acquisition of fast and easy network or set off waves in B2C

recently, there is news that the Tencent for the acquisition of a wholly-owned domestic third digital B2C online mall fast and easy network, although CEO Bu Guangqi Yi Xun network denied the rumor, said Yi Xun and Tencent at present only in the QQ mall and QQ rebate on business cooperation, at present does not involve capital level, but he also not to say that in the future "".


then, Nandu reporter to an anonymous insider’s understanding, "the acquisition rumors are not no matter how Tencent to enter the Weakness lends wings to rumours., B2C is only a matter of time". However, the Tencent B2C will be how to run in C2C water and money paid through the existing business? How big is the Tencent’s super carrier in B2C?


B2C can supplement Tencent C2C business



C2C is equivalent to the traditional retail market, which represents the B2C online mall is a large department stores, e-commerce mainstream trend. Because this model is more suitable for the line of the channel, the brand to the product line." The analysis of Shenzhen Sanshiwushi mall CEO Gong Wenxiang, Chinese e-commerce accounted for more than 80% share in the beginning stage of C2C, but now has a slowly declining trend, Taobao is also toward online shopping mall, "large department store" in the direction of change.


Gong further pointed out: "Tencent Yuzuo B2C, bought a ready-made mall is lift to quickly enter the B2C, can reduce a lot of exploration cost." As the United States has just acquired century electric network, Tsinghua Tongfang acquired superior network, now in addition to the Jingdong, Newegg B2C’s top two, many B2C websites have been acquired by giant, because they are very in time, reputation, team and core users accumulated value. Coupled with Taobao and Tencent itself has a very good user resources.

however, there is a point of view, after all, C2C and B2C on behalf of the two different e-commerce model, Tencent B2C will certainly swing its impact on the business pat. The future of Shenzhen online customer director, e-commerce analyst Wang Qinghai said: "the independent B2C maybe Tencent in the field of electronic commerce in a part, they are also in the integration mall to supplement users, B2C can be beneficial to Tencent C 2C slightly less stamina in service. Overall, B2C to Tencent like a breakthrough."


money to pay the business will not be affected?


although the Tencent acquisition of Yi Xun was like that earlier but make groundless accusations, Ma Huateng said publicly to strengthen cooperation and domestic 2C website B. Insiders pointed out that the Tencent will put up a pageantry to do, especially another core business "caifutong" and a large number of B2C website cooperation >

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