Luo please convince me by product pricing and marketing analysis of the hammer mobile phone


[core tip] just the end of the hammer phone conference, let us from pricing, marketing, customer and hammer phone analysis, in addition to buy a mobile phone, you pay not only 3000.

author attitude:

: I am neither a pink nor a black. I strongly recommend those scripts, he said in the New Oriental, is already 8, 9 years ago.

– I just hope and believe I Luo to do amazing products of interest.

stand above the position, I do some analysis from my point of view.

do not know if the hammer may refer to: [], before the release of the hammer mobile phone conjecture [mobile phone release] [hammer, hammer mobile phone to impress people 3 details] and [Robert Brunner] a hammer Mobile Phone Designer behind

pricing and marketing

do not know if anyone remembers: Luo had recommended a few of the behavioral economics book: "bizarre behavior," 1 "," 2 "bizarre behavior" and "priceless" consumer psychology. I can see that he hasn’t read much of the books.

one: before doing the investigation, the first set of 4000 anchor, and then press conference said that 3000, so many people feel cost-effective, but also to fall a good voice to listen to the voice of consumers.


: 16G 3000, 32G 3150, you will be? An estimated 99.95% people will choose the latter? He once said "the economist" pricing strategy, that is to achieve.

in the marketing level, I always have a point of view: let others heart, heart, then money is not small case? Otherwise how have so many Piancaipianse? Must be first lie to your heart, then you can make people pay the initiative. This is why it has always stressed the feelings of the old. Of course, I’m not saying he’s cheating. Feelings, ideals, these are the people of our time on the lips of the community and the extreme lack of things. Over the years the old image of their own heritage and create, let more people full of hope for the two words, is a good thing. Because we really need something like this, because this product with some relationship.

1 million yuan donation to OpenSSL the same truth.


circle of friends is full booked hammer mobile phone screen, you may wish to analyze, who will set the hammer mobile phone? The following estimate is entirely a personal impression, lacks the theoretical basis.

iron powder. KK has a theory of 1000 iron powder: 1 people, there are 1000 iron powder is willing to pay to buy your things, each other

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