The Spring Festival poor performance test the electricity supplier years after the delivery of speci

"to send special purchases for the Spring Festival years", "let me go to the warehouse to take delivery of the goods", "a lot of only a small part of special purchases for the Spring Festival sent"…… These two days, people have complaints about online shopping online shopping special purchases for the Spring Festival encounter, shop No. 1, Jingdong mall, Yi Xun, Amazon and other electricity providers almost spared. During the Chinese New Year suck traffic and express service, become the main reason for not timely special purchases for the Spring Festival sent to the hands of consumers, electricity providers face the Spring Festival exams, transcript does not seem to be ideal.

online shopping

special purchases for the Spring Festival before arrival

"this new year’s Eve, I bought online special purchases for the Spring Festival hasn’t arrived, no snacks how to see the show!" as soon as possible in order to get consumers Chen special purchases for the Spring Festival in February 2nd, shop No. 1 orders to buy a lot of snacks and fruits, customer service personnel after assured her, as long as the next single in February 5th, we can guarantee delivery before the holiday. However, Miss Chen until February 5th found that the order status is still displayed as packaged, which makes her a little anxious. When she contacted the customer service, customer service, said the amount of pre holiday is too large, the order can not be sent years ago. After repeated communication, customer service and then put forward, if really anxious to take delivery, you can go to the warehouse to take delivery of their own. Yesterday, when Chen went to the warehouse, many consumers are looking for a heap of goods, while her purchases are pressed on the inside. Originally wanted to buy a TV set before the Spring Festival to their parents, so that they can watch the Spring Festival Gala with the new tv." Mr. Wang consumers on the Internet to buy a TV, originally said to be able to arrive yesterday, the results of yesterday’s contact with the customer service yesterday, the answer is to wait until the arrival of the 15. This makes Mr. Wang are very disappointed.

electricity supplier promises "Spring Festival"

most of the electricity providers are committed to the Spring Festival lunch break". In the No. 1 store official website clearly stated, shop No. 1, 24 hours is not closing, the normal operation of distribution during the spring festival. But also to remind the effect due to the Spring Festival, the order of North and Northeast China and East China: expected delay 3-5 days delivery; other areas: 2-3 day delivery orders expected delay".

Amazon China is committed, including new year’s Eve and new year’s day, including during the Spring Festival, providing free delivery service, but in some areas, is expected to extend the service time. During the Spring Festival in the Jingdong mall also promised not to close, general merchandise and large appliances to ensure the normal delivery orders are still in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and other big city.

industry insiders believe that the new year is a new test for the electricity supplier, a sharp rise in traffic and orders at the same time, FedEx has suffered stagnation, most areas of hand courier services have been suspended during the Spring Festival, on the other hand, the traffic is facing the spring, the freight rate slow, difficulty and cost to improve.

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