Some people slander rumors expose ma

in December 2, 2006, by 2006 China management excellence magazine, the Beijing Youth newspaper,, CCTV economic channel, CO sponsored by the Alibaba group site cooperation in support of 100 years and ten valuable manager, popular entrepreneurs annual festival, held in the Grand Hyatt Beijing Hotel.


group chairman of the board Ma attended the ceremony and delivered a speech at the luncheon, the following is the speech excerpt:

I have some ideas about social responsibility and philanthropy right now, and I’m here to talk to you for a few minutes. In fact, I have two years to do charity when they feel very ashamed, because every time they go out, they always say, "Ma Yun, you donate too little, you look at the people of this donation fifteen million, the donation of twenty million". I think, if people do charity but do not feel too embarrassed, worried that their aid will be too few words, the Chinese charity into a special


to do charity, money is very important, but the most important thing is a heart, I remember a few times in the United States have been fortunate to have a meeting with the philanthropist (Bill – Gates also attended). It’s really hard to be with them, and they feel like charity, we can only donate one dollar. One dollar represents the heart. Charity should not be placed under the fluorescent lamp, charity should not be placed under the flash, but should be unknown to do.

recently in the country more popular social responsibility, I think in the current situation of China’s enterprises, three things are the most important.

first, you must be responsible for the products and services you provide. You make more money, but if you make the product or service provided is harmful to society, so even if you donate more money I despise you.

second, I think it is tax law. On the one hand, some enterprises think of tax avoidance, tax evasion, on the one hand, thinking at the end of donate some money, so I also saw a lot of people, is not very highly.

third, third, the situation in China today, the most scarce is the entrepreneur resources, we should put all the money used to expand operations, expand more job opportunities. Now college students are lack of employment opportunities, I think college students need is not guaranteed, college students need is the employment opportunities, and can create the greatest contribution to the employment opportunities, is our entrepreneurs.

so, today, I think I bear the most important responsibility is to create high-quality products, excellent service, pay taxes according to law, to create more employment opportunities, to allow more people to work and life, this society will be more harmonious.

actually, China does not have world-class enterprises today. Our business is still very small, we have a long way to go. We have the responsibility to use our money to do well in the enterprise; we have the responsibility to provide consumers with quality products; and then pay taxes in accordance with the law, these are the first of our modern entrepreneurs

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