Google announces URL shortening service g co

Beijing on August 24th news, according to foreign media reports, Google official announced today, the new acquisition of domain will take the lead in serving Google map. When the user needs to shorten the location on the map link, the user will be able to obtain format link address.

last month, Google announced the acquisition of short domain name, and plans to use it for Google’s website. Google also has another URL shortening service, the service will continue to operate. It is reported that the.Co domain name reserve price of up to $1 million 500 thousand.

analysts believe that the format links allow users to understand their point of service, Google can choose to use it to other services. For example, represents the Google document (Google Docs), represents the Google information entry.

in recent months, due to the inability to monitor its point of view, URL shortening service has been questioned by users. Twitter users are often used to junk links. It is because of the lack of confidence in the user’s service to shorten the site, only to allow Google to allow their own site to generate links, so that users can know that they click on the legitimate Google site.

last week, Twitter also launched its website in the URL shortening service, more than 18 characters can use the URL of the service.

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