Henan began remediation network order Hwang blog will be closed

yesterday, the reporter learned from the provincial public security department, launched by the provincial public security department, the information industry department and other departments jointly remediation network operation in the province, the Internet is set on the dew point, emptied, candid, adult literature column will be cleared off all.

the joint action will focus on the four types of objects: a large number of dissemination of pornographic information illegal profits using the Internet and mobile phone; the pornographic website launched overseas to domestic dissemination of pornographic information and develop members; organizing online pornographic performances and online fraud, prostitution; engaged in network theft, gambling and sale of contraband and other criminal activities. The relevant departments will urge the website according to the requirements of the blog service self-regulation, clean up the dissemination of pornographic information, pornographic pictures, pornographic films, pornography and other content of the blog, podcast.

According to reports, from the beginning of May 2007, the information industry sector began to establish an illegal website blacklist system, the basis of the operation of enterprises and Internet access units shall no longer provide access to it. And gradually establish the relevant operators bad behavior credit record system, the Internet access operators to perform their duties into their business behavior records and annual audit.

finally: the integrity of Henan (www.cxhn.net.cn) to take the lead, after the station will end with illegal information against illegal information, as long as that, we will notify the public security departments, hope that the webmaster to join, because we need a clean network space!!!

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