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will be in 2016 as the "practice" stage, so in 2017, the major video sites "into at least 1 times, feather business hot paid market running into the harvest period".

take advantage of the holiday together to open the trend, the major video sites playing a battle, and welfare, sugar, and dog food…… Here is the "sansei III" platform, there is a "Datang pesticide abuse" Wang, Iqiyi began selling single "antidote". From Online to Offline, from the flow of charge to fancy play, in the brand marketing layout, the number of the original "pioneers" biancha their flag.  

according to the recent release of art grace data show that as of December 2016, the scale of China’s video users have paid a breakthrough 75 million, the growth rate of 241%, the United States market is more than 9 times. App Annie annual report shows that in 2016 the global hot application of comprehensive income ranking in TOP10, Netflix, HBO, video application of Iqiyi and Hulu occupy 4 seats. Iqiyi entry means that Asia has been paid video platform users income scale par Europe market. In the face of such a huge member of the demographic dividend, the video site is naturally reluctant to miss this late as Yi gan.

"I want to

from Iqiyi" VIP brand new slogan, and invited William Chan, Zhao Liying served as the chief officer, members recommended "to enable young Youku logo in content based on the user concept go hand in hand, infinite zoom. Perhaps, for the first echelon of the era oligarchs, the precision that users crowned the user experience, is the "best strategic breakthrough".


content is still the biggest thrust All flowers bloom together., head of

review of the past two years, the video industry open fast – running network drama to mature, comprehensive network large outbreak of huge growth, blossom everywhere, from the training mode on IP…… To effectively promote the quality of content platform user increment has been the most sharp weapon as a giant challenge.

Yi en

according to relevant data, in 2016 Chinese drama video pay amounted to 239, growth of 564% over the previous year, the network drama accounted for nearly 50%. Fast play network homemade content within a short period of time, a faction, and its strong vitality, as it is never outdated content is king.  

according to the relevant data, as of December 11, 2016, the major domestic video pay self-made drama a total of more than 112, Iqiyi and Tencent video reached 30 or more, 29 more than Netflix. Among them, in 2016 broadcast TOP5 homemade drama, Iqiyi accounted for three, "best", "old nine door", "we" remaining crime series played a total amount of 18 billion 400 million, accounting for nearly 60% of the TOP10 player; large, on-line Iqiyi 1780, refresh the homemade content data coverage. 71%. The surge in data in the pre Market

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