Expose the big scam no time fast

green I accompany you
more speculation more Yong you threaten me?
Pizi your server intrusion is I now you look like a warning to the
Pizi responded to more speculation more Yong 20:19:25
Yong more speculation more the more you threaten me more speculation more afraid of a
Yong is the new labor station
more speculation more Yong is not my server 20:19:50
> more speculation more Yong 20:19:58
more speculation more Yong didn’t want to make the
you a Pizi garbage when you mix Lao Tzu it was a chicken,
you more speculation more courage to the
I Pizi tonight with you to play
Pizi 20:21:00
now Pizi is not too late to go to the police


first to the chat record attached, and then slowly write! Now that this person is the report of the http://s.www.hackwz.com/index.php station garbage station, to deceive people for life, ah, do not go on when he! I will come up with detailed evidence, he said to the black station! Hope to have righteousness of the hacker to help me. He wanted to be my black www.gupiao.la 

time problem, first issued a!

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