Cloud network head resistance mainly from BAT big three

founder of the cloud network side Dayton


Times reporter Pu Dongfeng photo as the white magic and black magic, in the field to be divided hacker white hat and black hat". As "information police", the small square Dayton in the past 8 years are at play in the field of hacker "Gandalf" and "Voldemort", specifically on. Ctrip recently exposed loophole incident, let the small square Dayton and create a network vulnerability reporting platform cloud network come to the stage again. This year, just over 27 years old Fang Xiaodun said he now has gathered 5000 scattered in various areas of the white hat hackers, security vulnerabilities site investigation and major domestic. Fang Xiaodun said, "the cloud is the cloud cover in the era of information thief and Internet companies head a warning curse, hope every time the clouds see the fog is a progress of network security.



self-taught hackers Daren

in 2002, 15 year old boy in Hubei square Dayton admitted to the Harbin University of Science and Technology chemistry. "When I was a child, I was very interested in computers, and I had a lot of spare time in my spare time." In the eyes of small Dayton, in fact, nothing in technology, can become an expert by self-study. At that time there are a lot of online Internet technology tutorials and discussion community, as long as willing to learn, everyone can become a technical expert, security technology can not be taught in the school."

university four years, almost all of the small Dayton in the study of hacking technology. You know, network security has always been offensive and defensive one, Dan hackers are out of practice by combat. So, we had a small black Dayton school website, do community website network technology class between the network technology research of small groups often staged technology rush, and Dayton are small main square. At that time, we went to the black to black than technology, around 2004, the Internet is not as deep as everyone else’s life now, network security is only pure technical presence. Later, there is no black, we will find some common software vulnerabilities, after discovering that developers feel very sense of accomplishment."

initially only done for fun, but the first job is to provide a small meal, also let him accidentally become a network security engineer in the true sense. 2006, the party will soon graduate found a software company’s product vulnerabilities, then the company serves hundreds of thousands of customers, these customers can be radiation to hundreds of millions of users.

found loopholes after I contacted the company through the Internet community, they listened very curious, invited me to talk to their boss in Beijing." Fang Xiaodun said, we are very happy, after graduation, I entered the company, is responsible for the security of software work."

turned Baidu poaching security expert

, in a sense, the small square Dayton is the "hacker", but not the spoiler. In 2008, a small square Dayton in the field of network security has been a "

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