College students spend a dollar to do Obama Chinese network

Xinhua news agency Reuters Obama became the first African American president in the history of the United States, the world’s attention, China is no exception. Obama confirmed the election of the president of the United States 4 days later, Shenzhen users will create the Chinese language network in. Reporter contacted the site by the webmaster, found that the founder of the Obama Chinese network was actually a sophomore of Shenzhen University li.

Click to enter the "Obama Chinese network", the forum has a "Obama and economy", "Obama’s New Deal", "Obama" Obama and China resume "," and "Obama speech", "Obama’s family" plate. Forum there are some professional analysis, such as "Obama China on future policy effect" and "after Obama was elected to the Chinese stock market effect" and so on, and even the Obama campaign strategy slideshow. However, users are still interested in Obama’s "lace news", "playing basketball", "Obama singing" and other posts are relatively hot.

Xiao Li told reporters that his specialty is biotechnology, and network engineering is not complete. I do not even the most basic VB language will be, not to mention the C++ and PHP site. But there is a classmate introduced me to a system, then their learning by doing. My site is temporarily using a free space, before and after the establishment of this site only spent 1 yuan, is to buy the domain name." Now Obama Chinese network has 6 moderators, 88 members, there are more than and 50 posts per day.

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