Head reader club activities around the expansion

New Year approaching, the winter cold did not stop the pace of the webmaster can not stop people’s desire to communicate, communication between the owners are still booming. Even Japan, by "stationmaster" Readers Club around the segmental organization of the FB party, mountain climbing, exchanges and other activities are rich and colorful stationmaster party party launched more wildly beating gongs and drums, is preparing for brewing.

in November 15th, the "master" Readers Club NanJing Railway Station preparatory purple purple mountain activities held successfully, 12 local owners from Nanjing to participate in the leisure party activities. The folk Garden owners Zhang Jing, 3D Nanjing chief Dou Mingliang, speed master Shen Dongjian, art Wu Yongbin and long signature site from Admin5, China media editors and students in activities together to discuss the business and technical aspects of the topic do stand.

at the same time, Chengdu Railway Station with Entrepreneurship and financing experience as the theme of the meeting held on the same day, the most games general manager Stefan and IT’s founding team teahouse, bring valuable entrepreneurial experience to Chengdu webmaster.

after November 15th, after Nanjing, Chengdu, by the "stationmaster" ShangHai Railway Station, Beijing Railway Station, Changchun Railway Station readers club organized party activities in November 22nd this day kicked off, how to master the ShangHai Railway Station out? For the topic, attracted 140 local webmaster enthusiastic participation, the laggards, fish fast allusion net Guo Jijun, Yanhuang network. Such as guest speakers to participate.

Beijing Railway Station "SNS operation mode three" conference SNS experts on the current SNS trends and mode of operation to do wonderful analysis and explanation, and in view of the current mainstream website program UCenter Home built SNS class website is discussed, the activities in the boundless discussion came to an end Changchun Railway Station, the FB party of delicacy and local enthusiasm embraced the webmaster. Activities around the time to become the focus of attention.

in addition, Hefei, Nanning, Haikou, Jiamusi and other places of preparatory work is being carried out in an orderly manner. According to the "stationmaster" magazine editor in chief Zhang Xiang introduction, "" stationmaster "Readers Club aims to establish a communication between friends, webmaster platform, currently party exchanges also let us feel the webmaster group eager to communicate enthusiasm. I hope the reader club can become a warm, happy, spiritual home for every webmaster."

it is understood that the "stationmaster" Readers Club has been in the 18 national city set up branches, each branch has the relevant personnel responsible for the local service station, at the same time "stationmaster" magazine has become a window of each area to the country’s personal webmaster.

on the "webmaster" magazine: "webmaster" magazine is produced by the Internet company Comsenz personal webmaster reading, with about 1000000 people as the main target of reading, designed to help webmasters better development site. At present, the magazine has issued eight. Read online at: http://s.z>

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