Why can’t we change an interview with the city of Linyi 517 passenger space co founder Wang Hao


small city

cancer tail lion head

dual character

no Niubi background identity


grew up in art,


in the Academy of Fine Arts

sophomore dropped out to Beijing to pursue his dream of animation

slept in the basement, overpass, over the railway station

traveled more than a dozen cities nationwide

took cartoons, drama, CCTV ad

motto: a dream for the horse, gallop Tianya

he is such a person

a few years ago, Wang Hao is still holding a lot of money, to live nine nights to the life of six. At that time he was in a TV series as a "new" journey to the west "" loyalty Yue Fei "late effects and guidance, filmed long animation work, busy with their digital animation dream. A few years later, he wanted to do something, do not want to be bound by the stylized work. Less stable income, but he is very happy. So now he has a special status: 517 Linyi International Passenger Center a co-founder, space founded by his organization in Linyi a customer line: 517 Linyi International Passenger Center, to create a joint model of Linyi local office.

Wang Hao is the group’s eldest brother, recalling the beginning why want to go home to do this project, Wang Hao said: "I’m in a big city for many years, from students to professional designers to master the technology, feel the original art and commercial art of the many contradictions of embarrassment, although there is little success, but also to see the two or three line of the city desire for digital art, and shortcomings, so really want to return home to help change things here." But why would choose Linyi, his answer is very simple and straightforward: "because Linyi is my hometown, I love it, I know it is so simple, no other."

Linyi as a three line city, why Wang Hao also believes that "" the frontier concept will survive? "In Linyi, we all said that lack of talent, lack of market, which I think is not only the Linyi people all over the world are missing, missing, every city has its own desire. Linyi’s large population, 10 million of the population, the traffic is very convenient, and Linyi is a commercial city, Linyi people learn through the Internet information and first-tier cities are the same, we all know that the sharing of resources, the cross-border cooperation value, every day we also have a large number of information sources, why we can to do this, there must be some reason, so I want to see the outside of the years, learn, experience, everything is unknown, in Linyi to make a try." "Although I am not a successful person, at least I don’t think it is right now, but I am a person in other people’s books

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