What are the 4C of social media marketing


we pay attention to the traditional marketing is 4P, that is: product, price, promotion channels, as well as promotions. And social media marketing it, it becomes a 4C, the 4 C is our last few years or in the next few years, the Internet marketing must be considered, then what are they?

1, content

content in our previous advertising inside, is not so important. In the previous years of marketing, most people spend money on the channel, such as: CCTV CCTV, it is a distribution channel, but for the spread of the content has not been concerned. But when social marketing, the core words is "content", what you represent? What to say in micro-blog, Baidu know, Baidu library, Sina blog on what you write, you what to say at the end of the world forum, the 55BBS, and how your business? The most important is that we speak of social marketing is a word because you have the user’s communication content marketing and speak of things, it is a content.

2, social networking and social

what do you mean? When we were doing marketing, the ads were just one to one advertising, but the next thing was a group of people to catch him. Marketing, our target customers are many people, but you can cut him into several categories. For example, you are in a city, to promote what is luxury, so inside the city, the rich people he is that kind of people, there may be a business unit, there may be the customs, or government, there may be small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. Then you do the marketing, to a group of people to do, we do in the mobile application, too, so if your target customer is one to one to do the marketing, its effect is very bad, we have to consider this is to find a group of people, a group of a group of people who do. For example, there is a Chinese do e-commerce do better, also very low-key Tiexue forum, it through several years to gather a lot of military enthusiasts after it is the start of the retail, this is what we talk about from the beginning, we consider the community marketing marketing. The most important thing about social media is a team, that is, a group. The same is true for micro-blog, a master, a master. Therefore, social marketing is considered tribal and community.

3, scene

what is the scene? That’s the scene. When we send micro-blog, the most critical thing is to take into account the status of our fans what they are now. For example, about 8:30 in the morning, you send micro-blog, you should say what you want to focus on is 8:30 in the morning of your target fans, now their life is how, if in the two or three line of the city, this group of people has come to the office. But when it’s half past eight, they’re on the ground

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