Daily topic liar time to postpone the listing of Wo Wo Group’s funk

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network April 3rd news, Wo Wo Group has bounced! Scheduled for the NASDAQ listing in Beijing yesterday evening but also postpone. Wu Jianguang, executive vice president of Wo Wo Group in the United States by telephone said to the media, listed on the Nasdaq stock market also need to schedule, there are still some problems need to be solved. The specific time to market can not be determined.

from Wo Wo Group submitted IPO prospectus, the NASDAQ listed on Wo Wo Group news is a push again! The official listing in February 25th? Was given in response to the February 25th listing is forecast of foreign media, listing is not the end. After the updated Prospectus Documents must be completed before March 31, 2015 IPO, after the results are not; there is news that Wo Wo Group will be local time in the United States in April 1st, listed on Nasdaq, maybe this is just an April Fool’s joke; listed on the NASDAQ Wo Wo Group said

last night?

Wo Wo Group in January 9th for the first time with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission submitted the prospectus, after the three update prospectus, the issue of the amount from the original 6 million shares of American Depositary Shares adjusted to 3636363 shares of American depositary shares to 6 million shares of American depositary shares, the maximum amount of financing $40 million from the initial $65 million after the first adjustment to adjusted to $68887500.

after submission of the prospectus, Wo Wo Group four update prospectus. The latest update IPO prospectus will be the maximum amount of financing fell to $59 million 330 thousand. The issue of the last update to the prospectus amount from 6 million shares adjusted to 3636363 shares of ADS ADS to 6 million ADS shares, the maximum amount of financing from the initial $40 million to $65 million after the first adjustment of $68 million 900 thousand.

Wo Wo Group

from the beginning of the establishment of love to dress themselves, to pretend to be the risk investment fund’s pet, but the prospectus disclosure, let the world understand, really "chase" Wo Wo Group did not actually lavish as propaganda to Wo Wo Group’s own.

in Wo Wo Group easy financing has also been repeatedly "broken": A round from Goldman took $200 million, the results from other a few to get $55 million B round; said the original shareholders of $50 million, only $12 million 500 thousand valuation results and less than half of the A wheel; the date of listing and push again, always said "in the process to go".

Wowo currently has three core products: Wowo mall and mobile client and our e-commerce operating system. The main source of income for the Commission and platform fees. The first 9 months of 2013 and the first 9 months of 2014, its platform fee income was $6 million 700 thousand and $7 million 300 thousand, the scale of the business continues to grow, the platform is also used in the proportion of revenue in the expansion.

for Wo Wo Group’s market, does not seem to be very optimistic about the industry. A thousand wars

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