Website promotion is generally cast or focus on good fish

website promotion is generally cast or focus on fish? Contact network promotion also have a period of time, learn a lot, there are a lot of confusion. Network channels are too wide, all types of sites, you can not think of, only you do not use. The proliferation of a variety of B2B sites, the direct result is that we are doing network promotion when the choice of blindness. Just a contact network promotion, the first is to find the site, registered information, daily update maintenance. One after another of the registration, do not know where to put the emphasis on blindly registered website, release information. Later registered too much, the beginning of the day, one by one to open the site, an update of the information. Most of the day is spent on these things. However, these works did not receive any effect. Only a few sites received some feedback.

later realized that the work is a little. Some sites basically no one visit every day. There are some people who visit, but no one asks. This can be preserved, not what those people visit and let it emerge of itself and perish of itself. Screening the main business site, focusing on the main. Every day on these sites, post, blog, friends. Such personal influence, in this small circle slowly accumulated. Wait for your popularity accumulation of time, but also the wealth of slowly accumulated time. Everybody knows you, you know what you’re doing, you know what you’re doing. Word of mouth, propaganda effect came out. In this regard, the site is not bad, the information released by the customer has a dedicated staff to visit, to determine the true reliability of the information. A site in the other time intensive and meticulous farming, invalid in main business website. We often say that steel is used on the blade. Do a web site is better than ten invalid website, useful.

so I think we do site promotion or choose one to two sites to promote good


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