The secret of Pinnacle Technology Corp in recruiting talent


like Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, such as large technology companies, they do not know how many resumes every year. To be sure, they must have their own screening candidates? What is the method of screening them? It is not on the Internet you can easily search to a lot of things in Google interview questions. In fact, their recruitment screening methods are far more than just asking questions about basic algorithms and quantum mechanics. In order to select the top candidates from the countless candidates, in addition to the interview questions set, they also have their own mysterious recruitment strategy.

tip one: in the absence of notification of the candidates, than the agreed time ahead or delayed 15 minutes for telephone interview

Why did

do this? It was to identify those who were prepared for the job. If you have a telephone interview with them at the appointed time, any candidate will be able to answer your questions. However, if you respect when they learn in Pakistan dance or the bathroom when calling them past telephone interviews when sleeping, then, what will happen? Many of the top technology companies are using this way to screen out those at any time for work ready candidates.


tip two: try to make the interview schedule seem confusing and unpredictable

Why did

do this? In order to screen out candidates who could do the job without any guidance. Make sure that both the interviewer and the candidate don’t know what’s going to happen in the interview. In this way, you will be able to find those who can still perform best when no one knows what will happen next.


tip three: in the application of the show in the process, deliberately make some accident

Why did

do this? It was to understand how the candidate responded in an unsatisfactory situation. Intended to allow candidates to demonstrate in a conference room where the display equipment is problematic. In the face of this situation, if the applicant is calm, and do not mind the adjustment of the interview, indicating that the candidate is a better person. In this case, if the candidate has Plan B, Plan C or Plan D, this is definitely a plus.


tip four: in the interview process, deliberately make a lot of wrong assumptions


Why did

do that? It was to filter out those who were angry. If applicant

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