Using Baidu marketing model to promote our website two

in the last message, Jerry and friends to share the research through marketing behavior on the Baidu customer service, we find the website promotion skills, it says, I will through the Baidu marketing Baidu Inc meticulous planning activities to explain how to let more users love your website.

at the beginning of September, Baidu Inc in Shanghai JadeLink Hotel held a marketing, the theme is: economic rebound, the enterprises expand marketing efforts. I have been talking about, Baidu’s sense of smell is very sensitive, this is worth every one of us to learn. The venue is divided into three blocks, each participating personnel according to the regional seat by my friends, I learned that this area is Baidu elaborate, close to the platform C is Baidu’s potential customers, these customers are Baidu’s sales staff to have done detailed tracking, it is purchasing power, B is also very near the podium, is Baidu’s old customers, A far, Baidu customer service tracking no purchase intention of single service. The whole event I found that the host’s eyes are concentrated in the normal A District, lottery links generated in the focus of the B area, C area only allow staff to communicate. A very simple venue distribution, what can we learn?

1, focus on finding valuable potential customer base

Cristomson, a famous American marketing guru, said that a successful marketing person should focus on those who are more likely to be our customers. We promote the site is also the truth. This is why some people spend a lot of energy, the promotion effect is very good, but why some people spend a lot of time on the website promotion, the effect is not obvious. The Internet promotion really need wide, but need more refined, if I went to the promotion of cool community, is the information released more concentrated in A5 the webmaster community better, or to the QQ space immediately sent to the message hundreds of space? We do in the promotion before must choose our website promotion focus.

2, keep the old visitors, they are the cornerstone of your website


draw, and the winners of the prize have focused on their old customers (although Baidu says it is through computer draw, but a little of the people know that it is completely cheating, especially through their own procedures for the preparation of the JS) because they know how important it is for old customers now, Baidu has become the leader in the Chinese search, simply because these "customer God" in support of silence. Through the continuous efforts of the webmaster, you may be standing now has more than and 100 IP flow every day, every effort, the growth rate is very slow, it shows your daily loss of old customers too much, if you do an arithmetic, the first day of 100 visitors visit the site, second days to pull one hundred a, the flow rate should be 200, and now only 100, the loss rate of at least 50%, of course, your old customers, this is a very conservative figure, taking into account the old customers may.

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