Sources said word of mouth to start a new round of 3 billion financing to participate in the sea fi

[TechWeb] reported on April 11th, according to sources, the king of the golden clothing of the takeaway takeaway a new round of financing, the amount of about $3 billion. Many investors have the intention to invest in reputation, the current sea fishing has been identified to participate in investment.


word of mouth to start a new round of $3 billion financing to participate in the investment of

word of mouth takeaway was established in June last year, jointly funded by the Alibaba group and ant gold service 6 billion yuan was established, while Cai Chongxin, chairman of the board of directors of the group as the new chairman of the new reputation platform.

domestic O2O market has relied on the United States Mission and the public comment group purchase mode, but the price war makes these platforms difficult to continue. The word of mouth from the very beginning to abandon the old way to buy, began to use platform traffic, big data, precision marketing and other tools to help businesses compete more healthy food and beverage.

in January this year, Ali group in the fourth quarter of 2015 earnings report for the first time disclosed the reputation of the results. Reported that the line of the six months of the four seasons are more than 5 million pen trading pen, the transaction amount of more than $15 billion 800 million.

recently, word of mouth official data show that the current number of single day transactions have exceeded 7 million 500 thousand pens. In October 2015, the number of single day trading pen breakthrough 1 million pen, six months time increased by 6 times. (Ming Yu)

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