The highest level of network marketing is to allow customers to cool not to deal with what

Shi Zhuoxi: the highest level of network marketing is to allow customers to cool, unhappy with what turnover

first asked the question: in addition to just need, less competition and other special conditions, the general choice of how to deal with the case of


in the final analysis on the point: a sense of cool became. Economist Wang Fu said the price is universal, but it is only for a form of cool it, who does not love for cheap, most people think free now, greed is endless. But this truth must be used for marketing on the basis of a sense of unity on the basis of effective use!

Ma Jiajia said: " fans of the economic impact of the gene is: to say that others want to say do not understand or do not dare to say, do what others want to do but can not do or dare to do. " this sentence is sure a lot of people, fully illustrates the importance of feeling! Now this market, in line with others taste, let others good, others are willing to pay for this feeling! The actual utility value not much status in the price.

The breeding industry

feeling, the most representative of the beauty industry is live, what KK sing. A lot of people just for fun, funny beauty play, hundreds of thousands of days to buy a plane, marriage and the like of the virtual product, still up. This is the power of the fans.


argument for the fans is idiotic powder, how should I say this, in fact, there is a certain source of fans economy reason. No need, no pain, this market is how come? It is not practical to say the idiotic words, hold up idiotic people more to go. The luxury goods as an example, this kind of thing, gold and silver beads, treasure like high consumption of no practical value that should not exist, spending a lot of money to buy some useless things is not a waste of money! And wearing above the price difference should not exist, not just those things you want to know this one! All understand a truth, after all, the spirit of strong demand for stimulation of the


human nature is selfish, no one is willing to be a fool, willing to white money. In fact, the fans are idol scene let him cool, cool beyond your awareness. Fans economy is a manifestation of the economic capacity of a strong desire to reflect the spirit of a


said the company now do marketing to find the target user pain points, nor is it in order to solve the pain so that users cool up!

there is a saying: "energy-saving" is a bit biased, but the "obscene" as the spiritual needs and the current in the sense of the value of the marketing mode is inextricably linked! Just think about it carefully, and the corresponding

transaction mode!

and why the marketing people are studying human nature? Or because others feel very important! True and false, false true, now this society who spent some trivial pursuit of truth, is to feel is to decide. For smart people, skills,


in terms of network marketing, everything is virtual in the network. So do network marketing should be more

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