How to get the big idea of content marketing

keep evergreen is difficult, more difficult to have creative. For those who work for the "creative" category, the discussion about creativity is especially popular and highly concerned.

in marketing, creativity is often used by content creators. Graphic designers, television producers and writers, who spend more time thinking than action, and as a result of the idea of real value.

marketing people know that every day or every week to come up with ideas is very challenging thing. Not to mention the idea of what is called a good idea. How to make your creative mind come up with more than just a good idea, but let’s take a look at how the brain works.

where do you come from,


creativity comes from three parts of the brain: the attention control center, the center of imagination, and the center of attention.

This part of

‘s attention control center will focus your brain on the tasks and tasks at hand, and when you need to focus on doing something, you need to use it. As usual, listening to the radio, reading and so on can be used to focus on this part of the energy.


center of imagination is used to remember and daydream, which is to help us build mental images.

center of attention flexibility is the first 2 parts of the switch. It not only makes us pay attention to what is happening around us, but also makes us pay attention to what happens in our mind.

so, how to put these 3 parts to use extreme and produce such as the gorgeous fireworks after the national day as creative? Research shows that you need 3 part fully in the "flow" state so that the brain is fully activated. Of course, it’s easier said than done. It is more difficult to think of a good idea than many people can recognize.

what is creativity? How to create good ideas?

creativity to tell the truth, just the combination of existing information. You can come up with a good idea mainly because you see the connection between the information. After gathering some information, you need to set aside some time and creative space for creativity. Take time to think, maybe think of something good or bad. Then take you out of your mind, go to sleep, or go for a walk. It’s better to have a relaxed state for a good idea.

how to use creative to create those outstanding content?

we try to use the above methods to produce high quality content.

first collect the target audience’s attention or important to them as the raw material of your blog. For example, in HiP, blogs are involved in content marketing, content creation, email marketing, and potential customer generation. When I do this, I usually use a word processor or a laptop.

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