The server fails The site can not normally access station system

Dedecms CMS

Admin5 station network November 20th news famous (a station system) websites and forums are unable to access.


home page can not open


forum cannot open

webmaster network editor the first time to contact the person in charge, according to the official staff revealed that the site in the morning because the server hosting the Shanghai set, the room temporarily unable to access the lead to some problems, the official staff said that due to the site can not normally access to our webmaster friends bring inconvenience, thank you for the concern and support a system of friends, and that as soon as possible.


Mdt InfoTech Ltd (Desdev Inc), a web content management is to provide professional solutions for service providers, product – lwash’s (DedeCms) is one of the most CMS the most famous people.

DedeCms early is developed by individuals and by the end of 2007, the company was formally established in Shanghai, specializing in the development of Desdev web content management, coupled with years of operating experience and open source, the user needs to use habits very thorough understanding, since after the founding of the company, constantly recruiting R & D personnel, for us to provide customers with more high quality products and services have greater security.

DedeCms live in PHP+MySQL technology development, support for a variety of server platforms, from 2004 to start the first version of the release, has released five major versions. DedeCms with a simple, robust, flexible, open source several major features of the majority of the domestic CMS market, there are already more than two hundred thousand sites are using DedeCms or DedeCms core development.

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