Shanghai’s first electronic commerce website summit held a victory

      Shanghai’s first e-commerce site in Shanghai city Taixing Qunying Road No. 178 (Nanjing West Road Wujiang Road) Ruitai Hotel 3 floor banquet hall held a victory. The meeting is by the domestic well-known e-commerce distribution service provider net led sponsored by Wang Chenyun, involved in the planning of electronic commerce counseling center friendship support participants; IT official Internet entrepreneurs personal webmaster network company CEO relevant scholars and experts of angel investors engaged in relevant reports of the media reporter.

      the meeting was presided over by the famous IT, Wang Chenyun, the atmosphere is very warm. At the meeting, general manager Pei Dapeng from Shopex, to analyze the development trend of the shop in the future. A general manager of Li Pingyi, to tell you about the electronic commerce in the distribution of goods in the distribution of electronic commerce experience and now the deficiency, and puts forward the "operation" asset light is a new direction for the future development of electronic commerce. Famous network law Shang, a statement to everyone online shop how to pay tax and personal situation of how to select their own mode of operation. Ma Kai, general manager of EFSO to share with you on the development trend of today’s video e-commerce and their own point of view. From the island of Taiwan Taobao 4 diamond seller Zhang Xinru and everybody tells the story of 2 years of the development process of their Taobao and some trading experience. At the same time, Taiwan’s famous network marketing experts Chen Dingzhen to share the experience of network marketing, the network of lectures to share the entrepreneurial process of Hu Anjun.

      meeting reached a climax in the interactive link. We are actively interacting with the guests. To the last part of the exchange will be their own advantages, their resources, their needs to communicate with the participants to find their own business opportunities.

      according to the organizers, the meeting held successfully, the theme of "sharing, cooperation and development" have been well reflected, the number of participants exceeded expectations, up to more than and 200 people; organizers said they would continue to host a party, hope to provide a long-term communication and exchange platform for electronic business practitioners, work together for the development of domestic e-commerce.

the following part of the picture.

famous IT Wang Chenyun presided over the meeting.

Pei Dapeng, general manager of

Shopex share shop trends

a general manager Li Pingyi share of e-commerce goods distribution experience, put forward the "asset light" e-commerce model.

network law firm lawyers just to build online shopping shop how to tax

Ma Kai, general manager of

EFSO to share video e-commerce trends


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