Liu Chunning Ma Huateng Liu Chiping was a corruption case trial acquiescence


technology news October 29th morning news, according to Hongkong News reported today, Tencent holding four former employees accused of misappropriation of Tencent contract fee case yesterday at the Shenzhen trial, one of the defendants pointed out that the behavior of a senior acquiescence, chairman of Tencent holding the board of directors Ma Huateng and President Liu Chi informed the average.


case in Shenzhen Nanshan District people’s court trial, the accused four employees of Tencent occupied property, are subordinate to the Alibaba has been transferred to the Tencent of former president Liu Chunning’s assistant. In July this year, Liu Chunning has been arrested by the police. The four men were accused of trying to lure a Tencent and one of the defendants to control the company’s contract between 2011 and 2012 to get a TV contract, and to get a rebate.

reported that the Tencent has served to expand the Department of network media and online video director was accused of embezzlement of Tencent Fei Chao Yue Yu contracts 500 thousand yuan, she pointed out that at that time in the promotion of Tencent micro-blog process, company executives have said that to fight against competitors by all means, so to improve relations with the media. The public relations costs involved in the failure to submit an expense account, so collected by another company.

also reported that Yue said these practices are high-level default business model, Tencent holdings chairman Ma Huateng and chairman of the board of directors, the average knowledge of the.

served as assistant to the president of Tencent in June 22nd this year, Liu Chunning was taken away by the police in Shenzhen. In July 9th, the Tencent reported that the relevant business more than online video staff corruption and bribery behavior, suspected illegal. While Liu Chunning is in charge of Tencent video copyright procurement period alleged commercial bribery. (


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