Baidu is about to launch the map AP to create an open platform

March 27, 2010 night at 8:30, in Baidu and WWF (WWF) cooperation in the "Earth Hour" on the official website, more than 3 million users according to their location on the map "lit" a green lamp bulb, which is not only the users for the first time through the visual map to show the way to participate in the activities, is landing the application of Baidu map first open API interface. It is reported that the upcoming Baidu map API interface, after two times of development, information services and life many netizens can call directly related to Baidu map data and module, meet the information needs of users increasingly localization.

according to the reporter, Baidu map API through the JavaScript Baidu maps embedded into the web application interface, with a lot of practical tools to deal with the map, add content to the map, so it can easily create a fully functional map application.

Baidu map official said, developers can call the function through the map API, according to the rapid integration of business application content modules, the establishment of new network applications and models. Such as online housing intermediary services with Baidu map API, let people enter the address you can see near the rental house on the map, the hotel chain in the map marked the nationwide store location information and pictures etc.. At present, the location of the search, public transportation, driving, walking, real-time traffic conditions can be free, this year will also provide more functional modules for open API." A webmaster of the API program that API is the core to map the map data, the stability of the service, research and development, in this regard, Baidu strong technical strength and brand appeal, will inevitably impact to the existing small brand map provider API.

, and open API so that everyone’s personalized needs to be met, combined with Baidu’s powerful interactive community platform, to provide users with a wealth of experience and application. Reporters learned that Baidu maps API is currently in the map, paste it, space, know, mybaidu, entertainment and other products online applications, there are more than a dozen partner projects. A use of Baidu maps API application developers said, "and other map API platform, system file is small, low cost, low memory footprint is Baidu’s advantage, but also has more than more than and 70 categories, more than and 400 rich interface, can provide stable and reliable application service map for users, improve the user experience."

evaluation of the industry, in the future, many Internet users demand service life, and the associated map, map and open API interface to allow the site to quickly launch map related services, to better meet the needs of users. In particular, the map data as a key parameter, according to the location of the Internet to provide more convenient, more accurate, more intelligent information query. Baidu official said, Baidu is pleased to see its map based on API, there are more rich applications developed, while promoting the development of China’s Internet open architecture, while providing excellent Internet users >

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