DC talent dilemma

because of the full swing of the business, four Bo Internet which is very important to IDC sales elite, there is intention to contact me ah, ha ha.. ^_^

some friends may ask, the recruitment of this thing is the personnel department thing    ?

is the general staff recruitment is the personnel department to do, but I think IDC sales staff will need to be, so I insist on our own department checks. So a month recruitment started, a lot of candidates, mostly university graduates, or other industries, for what is the virtual host, what is the server is a blank, this let me depressed for a long time…

university graduates first employment mentality is still unstable, then what is the ideal state of the campus, not practical, open, I am a university graduate, a monthly salary of how many, my God, I didn’t mean discrimination college friends, because I was, but I understand college students’ employment mentality, xinbitiangao…

you want to spend a month of 1500 or so, what do you think about how much profit can be created for the enterprise??? Enterprise is a profit strength, not a charity!!! In the allocation of profit, the basic is personal: enterprise =1:3, you simply say that it is for enterprises to earn 4000 yuan, you can get 1000 yuan salary, just think, you can do it? If you give me paizhexiongfu said to me, I can make 10000 yuan a month income for the enterprise, it is very simple, I will give you 2500, this is not enough?

is not a person, is a group, you can enjoy the work may also be suffering, it depends on how you look at work and deal with the relationship between colleagues and friends.

in searching, I am still searching for IDC elite talent, I am looking for like-minded friends in the vast sea. Through the layers of the select to find a few pieces of good material, but not  ,     ha..

we have done this server hosting 4800 yuan year, the business is very good to do, 20G high-speed fiber allows you to swim a new network of life.

I went through the whole work process, feel the elites rarely, although encountered little difficulty, but I pantient…

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