Phone 6S Plus station network broadcast head start shipping grass come from

1 on the XcodeGhost event, you need to know the ten question

A report published in the September 18th

source cloud network: analysis of Ghosts – XCodeGhost sample XCode compiler analysis, many developers report iOS. The ecological chain Chinese pure technology. Some programmers use third party Xcode compiler, the compiler compiles the APP security problems, when they are uploaded to AppStore users to download and install the basic information, they will secretly upload software package name, application name, version, language and state system.

news September 19th, the last few days, in the App Store shelves NetEase cloud music multiple applications into the Xcode third party malicious code, sends the user information to the virus author server, thus maxed circle of friends.

a mobile security laboratory today finishing answers on 10 hot XcodeGhost events, called by XCodeGhost events APP may have more than 30, based on security considerations, it is best to password, payment and other modifications to.

2 – Evernote faced a $1 billion valuation to decline of  


impression notes, valued at $1 billion in 2012, only registered users in China in 2015 has reached 15 million.

This icon is cute baby

notes, not only launched a little creativity and emerge in an endless stream, at any time any place can be synchronized to log in to your account, so many people give up Word to a new recording mode, it is also a change in the Silicon Valley of the American Technology Corp in Chinese only lessons of cognition, is created an era.

however, when the famous Silicon Valley investor Bill · Gayle predicted that 2015 will have at least one dead "unicorn" company. Impression notes, unfortunately, has become recognized in 2015 will be the first to die "unicorn" company (company of venture capital industry, valued at more than $1 billion called the "unicorn" company) today to analyze why investors have serious impression notes to decay.

3 "head grass" come from, why overnight become explosive?  

some time ago, I was in Yunnan on vacation in Lijiang, at Old Town of Lijiang, filled with young lovers " head grass " feel very wonderful.

after returning to Beijing, found the head long strands of " " detonated in the country.

this is known as selling Meng artifact of the grass hairpin, the first prototype is a cartoon character Yan

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