Net loan platform orient venture was Dun arrears of about 42 million yuan

is the East venture falsest investor

according to investor statistics, the number of people involved in various places up to more than 1 thousand and 300 people, not to return the amount of about $42 million; its legal person has surrendered to the police


Yangcheng Evening News reporter Li Xiaoxu photo coverage: Recently, the net loan platform risk intensive outbreak, a number of platforms capital chain problems. Only after the National Day holiday, Shenzhen, there are 5 platforms can not mention now, of which the East venture boss Deng Liang although already surrendered to the police on November, 1, but still many investors to recover debt, arrears of about $42 million. 18, about 20 of investors to the Luohu Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade, with investors introduced Deng Liang founded in the East venture before it has owed huge debts, and the surrender before Deng Liang has been part of the transfer of property. The police said that the case is still in the stage of investigation and evidence collection.

negative news spread caused by the "run"

The official

website showed that the East venture, the platform by the Shenzhen yudongfang Cci Capital Ltd operations, founded in May 16, 2013, by its associated Shenzhen, China Communications Investment Company limited by guarantee to provide security services. In the Shenzhen market supervision and Administration Bureau website, Yangcheng Evening News reporter learned that the company registered capital of 10 million yuan, the legal person for Deng Liang. Investors Mr. Hu, the East venture net loan platform on the line at the end of June, he repeatedly through online banking transfers to Deng Liang’s account, recharge amount totaled 75571 yuan, the contract interest and reward 4593 yuan, the total principal and interest Mr. Hu as well as 20354 yuan outstanding.

at the end of September this year, spread a Deng Liang East venture saddled before creating huge debt news, said Deng Liang opened the platform in front of a large number of borrowers in microfinance companies. With investors dig deep, they also found that Deng Liang will be a huge financing East for the return of venture capital before usury, buying luxury cars and expensive watches, and buy a shop in Buji. All the information caused by the lack of investor confidence, the formation of the "run", after the East venture unbearable pressure, from October 1st onwards to stop withdrawals.

did not open the door again signs

according to the self statistics of investors, investors across the country have been implicated in more than 1 thousand and 300 people, the amount is not yet about $42 million.

investor Mr. Shi said, run after the storm, the East venture capital chain rupture, Deng Liang sold under the name of shops, and will be the most expensive land office building through legal means the transfer procedure, then surrendered on November 1st. He said, "Deng Liang tries to actively pleaded guilty in exchange for a lenient sentence, and ultimately free has many investors funds." 18 days, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter came to the most expensive land building room 316, the East venture office locked the door, but the company still signs. More than 20 of investors to the Luohu Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade, to the public security organs to hold Deng Liang surrendered, and request the judicial organ to help many investors.

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