Pig network 9 years from 500 yuan to build the road from the site to the market value of billions


(text / Fan Jingjing)

and Zhu Mingyue’s interview is in his ten year entrepreneur of the year, the first day of the day, the pig network is also the first time in Beijing held a news conference in.

from June this year, pig network announced the completion of the C round of 2 billion 600 million yuan financing, to December 7th, zhubajie.com occupied CCTV "news broadcast" for nearly 5 minutes, the pig dormant for 9 years in the first half of this year, has really become a station in pig on the outlet".

chief reporter venture into the sea from 500 to

back in 2005, the Chongqing evening news ran port Zhu Mingyue with political news reports "poor students free textbooks can only see black and white version of" get Chinese news award. 2006, Zhu Mingyue was named the Chongqing evening news chief correspondent, annual salary of 200 thousand.

by the impact of the blog China, Zhu Mingyue focused on the new media, when I registered a blog, the main record of news events bit by bit."

a chance, he had an idea: can be creative ideas this virtual online signing things to sell? Not a computer professional background he try holding the idea, made a post on the Internet, offering a reward of 500 yuan to find someone to do a website. Soon, a programmer received a single, a few days later, a living by selling creative trading website pig eight quit network was born.

October 2006, Zhu Mingyue officially quit in the Chongqing evening news, in shangqingsi a 40 square meter bungalow, set up a team of 6 people, the first to start a business, "when we think that I used to bypass the policy editor switched to other newspapers," at the time, no one believes that the traditional media came to Zhu Mingyue do the internet.

lack of funds in the first team, in the most difficult time to eat the team has become a problem, which makes Zhu Mingyue almost collapse. Fortunately, in 2007, Zhu Mingyue met Cao Rihui and Xiong Xinxiang (two people, a joint easy angel) by Brian group led the 5 million yuan Angel round of financing, injected capital support for the pig, this also let Zhu Mingyue confidence.


trademark registration process

9 years boil rivals

Zhu Mingyue is now given the aura of successful entrepreneurs, but in the development process of the past 9 years, the network has started to test the road. Even the pig network investment, former partner of IDG Li Fengdu was teasing Zhu Mingyue: "you where is what is a stupid horse, horse!"

talk to here, Zhu Mingyue said, in fact, IDG capital in 2007 came to the attention of zhubajie.com, but at the time the pig net Witkey mode was not good, until 20>

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