Jiangsu fifth nternet webmaster conference video broadcast

fifth Jiangsu Internet webmaster General Assembly today (September 18) 2 pm in Xuzhou Zhongshan hotel hall, the station network (www.admin5.com) hosted Internet entrepreneurs Club (http://s.club.baidu.com/) Shanghai Wan Yi Technology (www.wyw.com) jointly organized by phpwind (www.phpwind.net), Xuzhou nets (www.xz16.com), enterprises win Planning Co assembly has been caifutong, bana net, 731 games, Sina micro-blog, Jiangsu information port (www.8516.com) support unit.

in order to better promote the exchange and interaction between people in the Internet industry, the conference is divided into two parts, the morning is the national chess contest, the afternoon for the meeting to discuss the exchange links. I believe that this meeting will be for small and medium-sized webmaster website development guidance maze, the guests for traditional industry using the Internet to get more benefit direction, to provide more ideas for the Internet industry companies, to promote the progress and development of the Internet industry.

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