Love VR Feng Xin Subversion of the word can not define the VR can only subvert the one or two direct

into the second half of 2015, it was found that this was seen as a lucky company also doesn’t stop A stock market decline in the overall trend, the market value of about thirty billion to now only 1/3, although on many occasions Feng Xin showed for the book on the up and don’t care. But in action, Feng Xin and storm must be considered for the profits of listed companies.



storm Group Chairman, CEO Feng Xin during the first half of 2016, the storm mirror from the parent company (now the storm storm Technology Group) stripping, which is in a period of rapid development or scale burn stage companies will undoubtedly be a drag on the performance of listed companies; and in January 12th of this year, the investment group storm of new culture the establishment of the official definition, the new culture is described as a science and technology + culture + tourism oriented, with VR and AR as the core, attention to cultural tourism and other areas of IP investment, project incubation and product operation of the company. In the application, it created the pre tourism scene experience, tourism, scenic spots, city experience center, as well as cultural, scenic, non-material cultural heritage of intelligent IP.

Feng Xin loves

undoubtedly, VR is still one of the core of the company, even in the business collaboration, many new business culture of the company is actually by the storm and the storm mirror support group together, but it failed to be included are VR lines of business storm mirror. This is a company that can contribute to profits, which is helpful for the listed companies." The establishment of the new company to accept the Sina interview, Feng Xin said, "as for the establishment of this company can not prop up share prices."

to a certain extent, the new culture is more like holding group by storm storm mirror modules, "it may have to be independent, perhaps one day it will be the acquisition of the storm mirror." But this may have to wait for a good opportunity for the rapid development of the VR industry, the first half is very hot, the second half is not hot." He was a little helpless. At the same time, for the role of VR, Feng Xin does not call it subversion. Subversion of the word I can not be defined, take the scientific thinking, subversion at least to do 60% different, perhaps only VR movies and VR social can do."

in the cold industry established a company more or less reflects some passion for Feng Xin VR, "I have a soft spot on the VR." He said. But at the same time, the establishment of the company is also a long time after the choice of the experiment.

Li Yuanping is the new culture of the company sponsor, executive vice president of the new culture of the storm, her identity and the storm and the storm group group marketing center. At first, she was responsible for helping VR achieve commercial realization, but in the first case, she found the connection under the list of all travel related, this may prove that the storm in the establishment of new culture before they have to create profits, income and expenses, making multiple – related content solutions and tourism experience center.


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