CmsTop Zhong Shenghui Kang Sheng was acquired without threat

DoNews news August 23rd, seetop Union (CmsTop) CEO Zhong Shenghui said in an interview, the acquisition of Tencent Kang Sheng is mainly to the layout of open platform, snatch small website resources, will not pose a threat to the other CMS vendors.

in August 23rd, there is news that the acquisition of Tencent of Comsenz case completed last month, the purchase amount of 170 million yuan, or about $25 million, at present the relevant domain name Comsenz has been transferred to the Tencent under the name of.

Zhong Shenghui believes that the acquisition of Tencent is generally in order to open up the layout of the platform to seize the resources of small and medium sites to create favorable conditions for the platform war. Specifically, QQ can pass, qq COINS can be generic, micro-blog can get through, caifutong, pat, virtual image and web games can be implanted, SOSO can be used as the default search community, all things are ready to open up the Tencent can be implanted into a community of software and small website cooperation, to create a super eco system in the field of the internet. This large platform strategy can maximize the interests of Tencent to further consolidate its dominance.

Zhong Shenghui think, on the one hand, the acquisition of Tencent Kang Sheng explained the general software to build business value has been recognized, this is a very good demonstration effect for CMS vendor financing and mergers; on the other hand, some CMS manufacturers may worry about the acquisition of Tencent after Kang Sheng to CMS into the field.

however, Zhong Shenghui said that he is not worried, because Kang Sheng go is the platform of internet route, through the operation of related value-added services and profitability, compared to the CMS community software customization needs more, is taking the software profit model. Although Kang Sheng launched a SupeSite before the CMS, but now has stopped updating, and Dai Zhikang has made clear in the exchange of friends and do not intend to strengthen the CMS function. As a result, it is unlikely that CMS will be able to develop in the short term, and there are many more important things to do, and this is not in line with their strategic direction. For local and industry sites, the depth of integration needs of the community and CMS is still very urgent, you can solve this problem by way of product cooperation.

Zhong Shenghui said, CmsTop will continue to focus on the field of information media, traditional media and small and medium network media to provide new media technology products and services, advancing with the times, to promote the transformation of the media field. We will be close to the market demand, adhere to focus, practical, easy to use, open product concept, enhance product competitiveness, and at the same time with Kang Sheng, phpwind, shopex and other site products for deep integration.

it is understood that Zhong Shenghui is the founder of PHPCMS, former Cool 6 network PHPCMS business leader, after leaving CmsTop and founded the company CEO. (end)


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