Ministry of Railways denied 12306 website booking is difficult because of the convenience of interna

net exposure to a new generation of development costs 199 million (A5 station network with


as long as the computer C Riga a record, can instantly login 12306 tickets website; reliable third party software can help users to catch the opportunity tickets; if the first method is not feasible, a American VPN immediately OK…… Yesterday, National Day is the most popular ticket war day, users Tucao, IT support the man, the ticket Master contribution strategy, the network is very lively. Especially IT people of the court, so usually stupid to grab votes of liberal arts students call "amazing". What is the meaning of the "mysterious" code? What exactly is the effect? Yangzi Evening News invited professionals to interpret it for you.

IT elite 12306 Tucao too fantasy program, write the code of God is

"program too fantasy, we catch up," write the code it God "," 12 steps to edit code 12306"…… If the day before yesterday is just an ordinary netizens Tucao in 12306 "a magical site, so yesterday, even the IT elite himself, have started and started to break 12306 tickets Tucao" password".

no way, do it yourself, have ample food and clothing "," I just need to find a good computer, calm to wait, will want to buy tickets, but starting today, I decided to look at 12306 "," my computer is top with 20 megabytes of bandwidth, to get a ticket"…… A group of "V", IT is engaged in work or are learning computer related professional users began Tucao, including the famous IT company developed the core department professionals, this is the 12306 since the site opened for the first time. The IT technology men, indeed for users who have brought benefits".

male "capture" 12306 C a computer program, 10 seconds will be able to log in

to login 12306 website, IT elite gexianshentong. "12306 train tickets online shopping students, if the page load slowly, you can add a record in the C:WINDOWSsystem32driversetchosts: "",", or ". This is one of the most popular technology micro-blog.

The reporter opened the

C below Windows folder on the computer, in which found system32 folder, then open the drivers folder, the drivers folder has a etc folder, open, find the hosts file, use Notepad to open the paper.

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