Specific thinking of the nternet gangster the world left to right


November 24th, Tencent’s taxi drops announced and Mengniu cooperation, the two "eight pole could not beat business, so mix together. People can not help but ask: Mobile Internet era will produce what kind of business style?

November 23rd, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba group Ma began a trip to the northwest, where the market for the rural market, and the previous three days, the national Jingdong service shop opened, the same directed at the rural market. Ma Yun and chairman of the board of directors of the board of directors of the Jingdong group and the chief executive officer of the countryside, whether it indicates the future direction of the electricity supplier?

in November 20th, the first World Conference on the Internet, the Alibaba group chairman of the board Ma and Baidu Inc chairman and chief executive officer Robin Li claimed that they were the burden of "money" and "opportunities". Bigwigs playfully talk behind the kind of hidden logic


in fact, these internet giants "big brothers" are often thrown by the amazing argument, and Internet Co are subversive, the driving force behind is the thinking and mode of the mobile Internet era.

vision: now for you, the future belongs to me

in the south of Yangtze River in Wuzhen put down a "more money, then what to do is a burden," Ma will plunge into the great northwest. November 23rd, Alibaba signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Xinjiang, followed by second days, signed an agreement with Gansu. The little man lean move, often people cannot read. On the economy and the network is not developed provinces, Ma why so interesting?

Although the

Alibaba’s taobao.com is flourishing, but ma do not meet a "peddler", because he has a big plan. In Gansu, Ma once again confided: e-commerce only through the retail manufacturing change, so that the birth of a new industry in China, so there is a huge value. The only real solution to the rich and poor, the environment and other social problems, Ali can usher in the next 87 years the opportunity for rapid development."

What is the

for 87 years? Alibaba want to become "one hundred years", "hundred years" in Ma’s understanding is 102 years. Alibaba was founded in 1999, 1 years in the last century, this century, there are 100 years, and then continue to the next century, that is, for the next 102 years.

is precisely because of this thought, Ma Yun’s main energy is not in the moment, and in the future. Ma Yun said that to make Xinjiang’s agricultural and animal products to the whole of China and the world, and its intention is clearly to snatch the future – the rural market.

"my family also bought a lot of agricultural products on the Internet in Xinjiang." Ma broke the news that. Perhaps it is their own experience, let him watch the flash, also no reclamation of rural market. Of course, this is speculation, because, in his desk, piled up two copies of certain Ali Institute report.


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