Ali online travel circles to help entrepreneurs to build e commerce platform model

in April of the south, although the rainy, but did not affect the same way network CEO Wu Zhixiang mood, because he just with Ctrip signed a $220 million stake in the agreement; Shanghai tour a lot of Miao Wan children is also planning a new round of financing; Hangzhou love carpool Yang Yang and expensive technology Wu Zhimin is busy update their own products, but the special offer tickets APP, Jin Zhongkun spots a predetermined amount has exceeded two thousand; while in Beijing – Bao Sun Jianrong determined to enter the part of the housing market.

these people have two common identity: online travel circle entrepreneurs, as well as former Alibaba employees.


global travel news finishing

with the way Entrepreneurship: the Alibaba moved to the tourist circle

Wu Zhixiang is the first person in the circle of online travel entrepreneurs Ali, the origin of the same way, and Ali has a direct relationship. In 2001, he entered the Alibaba as a sales manager. When understand the B2B e-commerce Ali is how one thing, University Tourism of Wu Zhixiang to the proposed high-rise Ali platform can also do the B2B of tourism, but to write out a message without hearing a word about. However, the godfather of the godfather every two weeks of the company’s speech, pour to Wu Zhixiang refers to another way: as long as you have ideas, goals, you can go to business. In May 2002, Wu Zhixiang left Hangzhou to return to Suzhou to create the same way network, the fact is that the tourism circle Alibaba.

the same way from B2B to B2C, in addition to the business model of Ali Ali traces, equity arrangements also gave Wu Zhixiang great inspiration, Wu Zhixiang in an interview with emotion: "Ma Yun insisted that all the founder of no one can definitely holding Ali, but by the founding team holding, we draw lessons from the practice of Ma Yun the development of the same process to play a good role, guiding the process with equity structure.

entrepreneurs to help build the platform model

Ali will be played with consummate e-commerce platform in the industry, copy of the electronic business platform model, established a huge electricity supplier ecosystem. But there are a number of vertical segments omitted or ignored ali. First come, first served., "Ali steal" for former employees won the essence of the platform model, Ali platform mode is introduced in many market segments. Unlike other B2C electricity supplier, Ali’s platform model is not responsible for physical inventory and logistics, the same format does not travel these two things, which also makes a lot of entrepreneurs to choose to help entrepreneurs in the tourism circle. For years business experience, also let them do business at tourism circle.

has 7 years of experience of Yang Yang after leaving Ali and his colleagues founded the love carpool in Ali, he bluntly referred to in the business model is the development of the platform of Taobao’s ideas, goods or service standardization, to ensure the interests of buyers under the premise of the formation of the seller access platform. Although established only half the time, love carpool carpool users has accumulated to nearly 300 thousand.

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