P2P win the world involved in fund raising fraud case thousands of people cheated 166 million

[Abstract] the case involving a large number, is by far the largest amount of fraud together net loan fraud, much industry attention.

net win the world company closed door

so far the largest amount of fraud Shenzhen net loan platform to win the world suspected of raising funds fraud, after more than a year finally entered the trial stage. Last Saturday and Monday, the case in Shenzhen City Intermediate People’s court hearing two. The number of victims of the case, the two session of the investor from the country full of court. For the regulation of this area is still in the blank, the procuratorial organs in illegal fund-raising charges filed charges, but the three defendants pleaded not guilty in court.

for the amount of billions of dollars

on-line last April Shenzhen net loan platform network to win the world, with high returns attracted many investors across the country, operating within 4 months of the total turnover of up to 780 million yuan, but in July August announced the closure of insolvent, unable to repay investors borrowing. September of that year, the network wins the world officially announced the cessation of services. According to the Shenzhen municipal procuratorate accused, the victim up to 1009 cases, cheated amount of $166518043.11. The case involved a large number, but is now out along with the greatest amount of net loan fraud, much industry attention.


trial of 3 defendants for the network to win the world Wu army, director of Operations general manager Zhong Jie, the legal representative Long Xingguo, and win the world behind the actual controller because Zhong Wenqin is still at large is wanted, so it will be dealt with.

Shenzhen city procuratorate said net win the world company issued false investment in the establishment of the network lending platform, open to the public to the public, with high interest rates of around 20% and 1% – 4% of the incentives to attract victims through bank transfers to the designated individual account or to the net to win the world through the company account the third party payment platform. The victim by lending platform payment to the net to win the world capital of the company is Zhong Wenqin for personal use, the actual control of lending platform Guarantee Corporation Huarun company, Hualong company, de Hao’s per capita for Zhong Wenqin, the Guarantee Corporation and investors also able to borrow free. The prosecution that the defendant Wu water, Zhong Jie, longxingguo should raise fraud held criminally responsible.

platform for the establishment of self financing

after a court investigation and debate, the network win the world scam figure, gradually clear.

short time to attract a large number of investors, the net win the world in addition to high returns, more importantly, a strong background". According to the network before the introduction of the world to win, which is a quasi listed company Hua Runtong founded the net loan platform, chairman of the board of directors of the platform is also the actual person in charge of Zhong Wenqin, Hua Runtong. Business data show that Huarun was incorporated in Shenzhen in September 2005, mainly engaged in the development of optoelectronic devices and communications equipment, production and sales operations. In August last year, when the net to win the world crisis occurs, Zhong Wenqin also

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