Papi sauce comes with P and traffic to say that there are millions of people bored boring

[Abstract]papi sauce is rare for me and the photos are long like the net red.


text / Tencent venture (qqchuangye) Zheng Kejun Miao Miao

Papi in July 11th, micro-blog will be in the evening notice sauce, pepper, fish, beauty shot, a live broadcast, Baidu, Youku and other eight platform released their live debut.

after learning the news, I came up with a picture in my mind:


fortunately, though, last night, Papi in front of the camera has been repeated himself nervous death, but she is still very beautiful in front of the camera.


dressed in black, small lips, clean and refreshing. There are a lot of friends exclaimed: Papi sauce looks like Sophie · Marceau! Look at the comparison chart:


is indeed very beautiful, Papi has the value and talent, it is important that so many of Wang Hongzhong, she is one of the very rare, and I am very similar to the photos of the red.

live from the data point of view, the effect is still very good:

is the first viewing platform to reach 20 million people live. Papi sauce is really a traffic tool, you can think of, to participate in the cooperation of the eight broadcast live music flower.

second, according to the user estimates, the night of gifts and appreciation of about 90W yuan.


but someone Tucao this data can not stand scrutiny:


does not discuss whether the data is true or false, but if the Papi sauce hopes to verify through this event whether she has the influence, the topic and the huge true powder, there is no doubt that she has.

content is plain, and other anchors are

it’s been described as a huge fan meeting on the Papi sauce. If this is really a fan meeting, the performance of Papi sauce is not bad. Broadcast from July 11th 21 pm start, the whole process lasted 1.5 hours, during the period of Papi and papitube in addition to jam buddies together on the funny than the team’s daily, is facing the answer about their own lives, focused on the topic of the school, her husband and her cat "chrysanthemum".

The surface of

, the live event is very lively, and praise: barrage gift has been Everfount, but keep the screen complete live a lot of friends could not help but spit.

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