The official said the company did not authorize any individual network sales welfare lottery


according to the Ministry of civil affairs website news, China Welfare Lottery Management Center said in a statement released today, the center has not authorized any units and individuals to carry out Internet sales of welfare lottery business, nor any unit in cooperation with the Internet sales of welfare lottery business.

recently, some websites claiming to be "United Chinese lottery sales center established" or "the welfare lottery center authorized", fraudulent use of the name China welfare lottery management center through the Internet illegal sales of welfare lottery.

said in a statement, hope that the majority of lottery are vigilant, beware of being cheated, as revealed by the illegal Internet sales of welfare lottery, please timely report to the relevant law enforcement departments, but also through the lottery hotline 95189518 to reflect.

statement stressed that China Welfare Lottery Management Center to retain the right to pursue legal institutions and personnel related legal liability.

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