Dried food! Start from scratch to teach you APP promotion three quickly get the key settings

Himalaya " search what has it, " Wang Niugu " 10000 of the shares of " keywords fix heat;…… In recent years, relying on the ability to set up a super keyword into the field of view of a lot of APP. The operation of the buddies is the heat shock to the keywords’s undivided attention, but no shortcut



editor’s note: This is the third article childe APP promotion series, in the first two "| dry cargo start from zero to teach you APP (1): product optimization" "| dry cargo start from zero to teach you APP (two): data analysis tools", we have to learn to produce high-quality products the receipt and analysis tools. In this paper, the text will tell us if you get a quick keyword set. For the operation of the party, we must not miss!

in recent years, relying on the super keyword set into the view of public capacity before Himalaya " APP It is often seen., what are its search; " legend, after Wang Niugu " fix heat 10000 stock " now, make operation buddies a restless, painstaking research shortcut, hope to some day in the future shine in words. The son should remind everybody, lay a solid foundation for keyword optimization can be success story. Instead of studying shortcuts, it’s better to take a moment to check whether your keywords are in line with the rules. Here we talk about how to use a quick 8 hours to get a APP keyword optimization.

one, six basic principles

1 keyword weight sort: APP Title > Keywords > APP Description > IAP item Name/Description that is the name of the application > Keywords tag > description of > the application of the purchase name or description;

2 APP Title and Keywords keyword weight: APP Title and Keywords in the same key words, the weight can not form a superposition effect, will only be counted once. Therefore, if the same keyword appears in the Title, do not appear again in Keywords, avoid wasting characters;


3 key words: APP Title with enhanced subtitle subtitle subtitle form the main title, in addition to the introduction of the function of APP, but also to mention keywords. Such as a small coffee show the subtitle " the fire of the mouth show the wind play APP, comes beauty beauty features shooting artifact " referred to in the " ", " performance; wind play " ", " " beauty; beauty ", &>;

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