How to do a good job in the daily maintenance of QQ space

we all know, no matter what type of number we do, as long as the fans are concerned we need to pay attention to a little, that is our daily maintenance. This routine maintenance is very important for us. Our previous is the amount needed for the fans, so we need to do is we late for this number of maintenance, we maintain it directly affects the growth of our fans, we can find that some fans grew quickly, and some have been growing slowly. In addition to our material reasons, there is another important reason is our maintenance. The daily maintenance mainly has the following points:

first: space reply

we say we are fans, the key is that we can build a relationship with the fans, that is, we can close the relationship between each other. But this is something that few of us do. Except for star space, we know it’s hard to be a star. But we also need to take some time to interact, which we talked about yesterday. So now I’ll talk about how we should be the general popularity of space to do between the number of fans reply.

1 reply word

reply to the word for us is very important, this can reflect the theme of our number, so long term can build our image in the hearts of fans. For example, I was laughing to Aunt father, so my aunt is in their hearts the image. So we are talking about or reply to the time when we need to reply to how the aunt, that hair when it is said that aunt father……. So this is the theme of our number. So if we were stars. For example, I do Tang Yan, so my words is "sugar" what. In this way, if we just talk about it or we mention the name, then they will be the first time to think of us.

2 reply interval

QQ for us the most important is the official restrictions. Whether it is our home QQ friends or our space to reply these are limited. After this we specifically. It is a headache for us to limit the space response. First of all, we have some content that needs to interact with the fans. We often reply to a friend may notice this point. As soon as we reply, we will be limited.

is there a way to solve this problem? Of course it does.

(1) at different time reply

(2) each reply a few intervals of time

can avoid the above two points are limited when prompted us to reply, reply, please take a rest when we don’t go back, this is also a white back to reply, but our limited time will increase. In general, a few minutes to one

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