WeChat public platform policy is a large number of grassroots WeChat was banned

I was officially started in August 20th last year to play WeChat public platform, when the public platform is also open to just a few days time. So I counted as one of the roots of WeChat’s public platform, can be regarded as a senior player WeChat public platform to witness the changes and development of WeChat public platform in the past few months.

but during the play WeChat, WeChat and micro-blog are rarely mentioned in the blog, as far as possible low-key. However, because of yesterday’s official non humane measures, and a large number of closed a number of WeChat ID. Let me not be silent, not just for themselves, but do together WeChat public platform for the group, began the grassroots. Do not want to write this blog and WeChat officials do not want to go through, but I hope that through this blog, so that more people understand the truth of WeChat’s public platform, but also to the official WeChat grassroots fair treatment. In fact, disguised, or for WeChat services, is to give them to find BUG, so that they know the place, so as to correct.

: early WeChat official public platform, encourage grassroots join, now WeChat has banned mass xiemoshalv suspected


will play the WeChat public platform, because the old friend K pulled me into a WeChat public platform QQ group, following the old K established a number of grassroots exchanges like WeChat group, said the official WeChat public platform to encourage everyone to do.

think of a better prospect of mobile Internet, when everyone wants to play chicken with the same idea, try to recommend WeChat own public number, and even sacrifice their experience to promote WeChat users on other platforms such as Sina, micro-blog, renren.com, QQ space and so on. During that time, many social platforms are like a swarm of bees recommend WeChat public number, let WeChat be more ordinary users know that viral coverage, Tencent official did not spend a penny, naturally very pleased, encourage more grassroots to join in.

back through the external resources, the growing speed of the fans more slowly, many grassroots began to try to recommend ways to increase WeChat fans. In particular, the emergence of third party content loading page, allowing direct click to share the circle of friends and other functions. At that time a lot of grassroots WeChat get explosive growth, many people are growing tens of thousands per day, or even more than 100 thousand. Because a lot of people did not do early public ID friends, micro-blog is very curious about how to do 100W fans, this is a simple explanation to the. But the way to push each other is the consumption of WeChat’s internal resources, the official nature does not like, and began to think of ways to suppress grassroots WeChat.

1:11 the end of the month for the first time in large quantities to ban WeChat public, WeChat beauty, hardcore WeChat

but with the grassroots WeChat bigger, pushing each other to increase the scale of the circle of friends to share the flood, the official can not sit still. The erotic content of the suspect is the first object of attack. In November 30th last year, when the closure of a large number of erotic suspects account, in fact, really called erotic content rarely. More than 90%

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