Old Tang local website promotion combat poster bar text


Jilin Meihekou ushered in the first snow this winter.

in this small town, there is such a small site:

opened in November 07, focusing on life information, carrying tens of thousands of information, thousands of transactions……

in this season of snow, the website ushered in the 4 birthday.

this is – Meihekou life network (http://s.www.jlmhk.com), an ordinary but hard local classification information website.

at present, is the most active local information website, is the most active city in Jilin province county information website.

said the website promotion, there is no so-called "secret", but have a lot to say. Recently, and we introduce several ways to promote the site.

theory and practice, today to talk about posters column promotion website:

people exchange information has some limitations, such as age, do not understand or are not familiar with the Internet operation, etc.. So, the traditional poster bar, has become the best way of this kind of crowd to exchange information. Each city will set up some bulletin boards, for people to exchange information.

well, the carrier found it, and we’re ready for the material.

we do the site LOGO graphics processing, so that the document is simplified, leaving only a slogan. The reason for this is because people do not have too much patience to scan your ad. So, we should let advertising: simple, intuitive.

is looking for space on bulletin boards, the best position is on the left, right, right, Zuo Zhong in the position, of course, position selection with personal preferences. Do not cover their ads to other people just posted on the ad, which will make people disgusted.

posted ads leave end? No, we still have a thing to do, take equipment ready, such as digital camera, mobile phone with camera, the people posting advertising pictures, when we go back, will be forwarded to the website. If conditions permit, you can also send messages to the phone number left on the ad. The content of the message, you can prompt the user’s advertising was sent to our website, you can also directly to the user to promote our website. In this way, not only enrich the content of the site, but also a more effective and end user communication.


is our own production of promotional material: A4 paper, color printing, self-adhesive stickers at the back.

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