Read Wang Tong’s win the secret network sense

mixed in this circle in the blink of an eye has been more than a year, still remember from silly and even HTML ASP, FTP and so on. These Adsense must know what all don’t know now difficult to survive, now my day in a training PHP evening to participate in the tenth new A5 master training.

first contact SEO (search engine optimization) is above the A5, looking at a lot of predecessors wrote about how, for the time did not understand HTML think SEO good mystery, the network to make money and the network to win a good way to sell money. After also slowly in the A5 home above study, have also passed this way to earn a few W. Several key words are optimized to the front. Now it is not difficult to think of the fact that SEO is difficult to insist on and proficient in.

Wang Tong is known as the first person SEO, presumably a lot of webmaster know this person, even worship this person. I am one of them, some time ago in the bookstore to buy a book he wrote < I was how to earn 1 million of the > through the network;. After reading it deep feeling, now I’m going to talk about I read this book for AdSense and higher after understanding it (do personal views ignore master


1: space or server stability, this I say we all understand. But I want to emphasize is that do stand group, a server inside don’t put too many stations, not to each other links and the same procedure, this can cause you any one station no weight.

2: the structure of the website, I had a test of 2 sites of 1 DIV+CSS, 1 TABLE each in the 2 space, the description of the key and so on are the same, after a period of optimization is obviously better than TABLE DIV+CSS several times. It is recommended that we try to use DIV+CSS to layout their own web pages.

3: the content of

(original —-> pseudo original —-> copy) this is the 1 priority, the original is a direct factor the cumulative weights of the website, maybe a lot of friends encountered such a situation, some sites after a massive facelift, search engine is not going to K him, while others are on the contrary. This is the weight of the contents of the witness.

4: update time: the search engine needs something new to enrich your site, if long-term not update, so your site keyword ranking certainly is not good, perhaps at this point, some friends said I said: I have a standing long not update, so can rank. Then you go to change the competitiveness of key words in test will know, I suggest that this frequency is one day a few (according to their own time, but also is the best planning) updated several times a day, let the search engine spider to you for a long time the station can feel fresh content.

5: the chain, make your site into a network, such as the relevant articles, popular articles, as well as the way of

6: the chain, to me >

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